Every passing day is precious, the environment is in a continuous degradation, together we can make a change, for a clean city, a planet without plastic.

Change begins with each individual, with small actions, but with a major impact.

Every day we come in contact with people from all over the world, with great visions and desires to change, like Seshu Ratnala’s plan to plant 1 million trees.A simple man, who wants through his actions to leave traces in his country, in India, through awareness campaigns, both at the company level and in everyday life!


The key is in each of us, everything is simple, let’s start now, here, to be our best version!

It’s time to give up the phrase “nothing will change, I won’t make the difference” and start with small things!

Say NO TO PLASTIC and let’s start recycling, use the same bag several times and it’s easy to reduce the use of plastic.

If you start doing it, others will start doing it too.

Be an example!

Plan to be Green, we reward you for every action, you get a discount on our services by simply being Green!